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Graphic design

CLIENT: Miller Genuine Draft Colombia

SERVICES: Digital design, social media

Dasigno Agency

Shine in the Dark

by Miller

This concept was created to promote and show different events that Miller had to celebrate

in Bogotá - Colombia.

Cocuy Live worked the graphic content for their Facebook and Instagram fan pages.




SERVICES: Digital design, social media

Cocuy Live


Zetai was a rooftoop bar located in Bogotá - Colombia. The experience of visiting Zetai involved

gastronomy, cocktails and music.

Cocuy Live worked as their content creator (photography and graphic design for their social media).



CLIENT: Comisión de la Verdad

SERVICES: Graphic design

Cocuy Live

Comisión de la Verdad

Comisión de la verdad is an entity in Colombia that is in charge to gather all the information and

testimonials from the victims of the war conflict,and tell the truth about what happened

in the violent times in the country. Violent times that lasted for more than 40 years.

Cocuy Live worked the graphic content and the illustrations for their online campaigns, mailings and prints.


CLIENT: KoraKora

SERVICES: Branding

Cocuy Live


KoraKora is the personal brand of Sebastian Martinez, a project manager based in Toronto Canada.

Cocuy Live worked the brand identity designing the logo, business cards and office papers.


CLIENT: Mi Casa tu Casa

SERVICES: Graphic Design

Cocuy Live

Mi Casa tu Casa

Mi Casa tu Casa is a short term rentals company based in Bergen.

Cocuy Live designed the guides and brochures for helping their guests to find the properties and also easy explanations of how to use all the devices and electronic elements inside the properties.

We designed the artworks and took the interior photography.


CLIENT: Mi Casa tu Casa

SERVICES: Graphic Design

Cocuy Live


Fabryka is a new short term rental/hostel in the heart of Bergen.

Cocuy Live took the interior photography and worked the graphic design, developing their brand identity, posters, flyers and guides for their guests.


CLIENT: Lystgården

SERVICES: Graphic Design / Social media consultant

Cocuy Live


Lystgården is a non profit organisation located in Landås - Bergen, they work alongside the community to establish a sustainable lifestyle in the city.

Cocuy Live worked as a consultant for improving their social media, graphic design and photography.

Instagram: lystgarden



CLIENT: Various

SERVICES: Graphic Design

Cocuy Live


We like the flyer design field, this is the space where you can explore freely different expressions in design, for a fun and easy communication with the receptor.

Cocuy Live have delivered artworks for bars, clubs, festivals restaurants and artists.


CLIENT: Advertia

SERVICES: Instagram stories

Cocuy Live

Advertia is a digital agency based in Prage, Cocuy Live worked alongside their social media team creating campaigns for their clients on Instagram and Facebook stories.

Instagram accounts:




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